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All members of our site are looking to promote their site.
To do so, they "Surf" and earn credits for each page they view.

Each page you view give you a variable amount of credits, depending
of your membership.
(Free user get 0.5 credits per view, also called 2:1 ratio)

1 Credit = 1 Visitor

To receive your visitors:

1) Set up the site you want to promote (enter an URL)
2) Assign the amount of credits you want.
3) Save and wait for other members to surf!

Our Feature:
Free Members:

2:1 ratio
10 sec. timer
10% on ref credits
25% commission

Promote max 10 sites.
Minimum $10 Payout

Upgraded Members:

1:1 Ratio
Low 6 Sec. Timer
Up to 60% commission
Up to 30% on ref. earning
Minimum $10 Payout
Promote max 30 sites.
Up to 8000 Credits monthly!

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